As we face a pandemic, COVID-19, many businesses are suffering, and marketers and digital marketing agencies are no exceptions. However, that doesn’t mean we are out of options. With some creativity, a shift in strategies, product lines, service offerings, and maybe the overall business operations, we can survive this pandemic.

Times are certainly trying but we need to focus on the presented challenges with optimism and creativity. As marketers and agencies, we are accustomed to being on our toes and we thrive in this as it’s a constant in our profession. Platforms arise, ad placements pop up, strategies evolve, and testing and optimization are continual. Add the state of current events to the mix and brainstorm ways with your teams and your clients on how everyone can maintain and even pull ahead.

Effective communication and understanding

Presenting alternative options for campaigns, budgets, tactics, and suggestions of how to adjust messaging. Collaborate on brainstorming sessions so that clients/organizations can make changes to their operations to stay in business.

Be lenient and understanding

Be lenient on last-minute budget changes, campaign stuff, postponing launches, invoices. As long as there is an open line of communication and transparency as things are so touch and go, day to day, it is important to be much more fluid than usual.

Think outside of the box

Arrange frequent brainstorming sessions. Get into new platforms, try different messaging. Maybe, move from hard sell to soft sell. These sessions could get teams and clients energized, and it’s amazing what stems through these conversations.

Go back up the funnel

Conversion campaigns used to work the best for me, across the platforms and clients. However, there is a significant rise in the CPLs in this pandemic. Now, my focus has shifted to upper-funnel campaigns. I’m running more engagement campaigns, video views, etc. I’m seeing more people engage with ads and slowly converting through these upper-funnel campaigns.

Support your team for working remotely

Ever since I moved to India from Malaysia, I work from home. Its been over 4 months that I have been working from home. However, it was hard for the management to allow 80% of the workforce to work from home. There is a cost involved and also there could be efficiency issues. So, what to do? Change is always difficult. In the initial days, there were a few hiccups but now things are going well. We get into calls every day, discuss projects, campaigns, we brainstorm about the new stuff. You know what? ITS FUN 🙂

Look into government’s relief options

Many countries are offering economic packages to organizations to survive this pandemic. There’s absolutely no harm in availing those. Do a simple Google search, check if you qualify, what are the eligibility requirements, and apply.

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